A Thousand Words – Caitlin Wakefield

Caitlin Wakefield is Scottish Regional Development Worker for SCM (the Student Christian Movement). We recorded this interview via Zoom, as we are still in coronavirus lockdown, on the first of May which is International Workers’ Day, and Caitlin spoke to Anne about this image which means a lot to her.

Listen at about 8’50 minutes in to the podcast.

The image is the cover of the book, ‘Seeds of Liberation – Spiritual Dimensions to Political Struggle’ edited by Alistair Kee.

If you want to take up Caitlin’s offer to supply resources for students or if you would like to become a Friend of SCM or if you are a member of a church in a university area, and would like to explore the possibility of becoming a link church, contact details are:

Email in Scotland is Caitlin@movement.org.uk

SCM website

SCM on Twitter

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