Media Review – Black Sheep & Prodigals

For our media review this month we review the new book by Dave Tomlinson called Black Sheep and Prodigals. Is it a creed for our times? A post-evangelical page-turner? Find out what our team made of it at around 3’20 minutes in to the podcast.

Dave Tomlinson was a house church leader for many years before founding Holy Joe’s, a church in a pub in Clapham for disaffected churchgoers. He is now Vicar of St Luke’s, Holloway.

Dave is, of course, a good friend of this podcast: we reviewed The Bad Christian’s Manifesto, back in October 2014, he was Anne’s Thousand Words guest in May 2015, and Darren interviewed him in front of a live audience at the Aye Write book festival in Glasgow also in 2015.

Black Sheep and Prodigals by Dave Tomlinson is published by Hodder & Stoughton and is on sale now. “Black Sheep & Prodigals is aimed primarily at people who are on the edges or outside of mainstream religion – those who reject, question, or have little interest in the tenets of traditional faith. It sets out to present a more contemporary and more humane approach to faith, drawing on honest doubt, common sense and spiritual experience. Using no religious jargon, chapter by chapter, it opens up fresh discussion about the meaning of faith in today’s world, inviting readers to arrive at their own conclusions.”

Visit Dave’s website 

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