Media Review – Scabby Queen

In our media review this month, we have been reading the novel Scabby Queen by Kirstin Innes. In an unusual start, the book begins with the suicide of the main character, Scottish musician and activist Cliodhna Campbell (known as Clio). The novel proceeds to tell the story of Clio from the perspectives of various people she knew at different stages of her life – weaving these stories together to form a portrait of sorts.

‘Gripping and moving. A literary triumph’, Nicola Sturgeon
‘A humane and searching story’, Ian Rankin
‘Kirstin Innes is aiming high, writing for readers in the early days of a better nation’,  A.L. Kennedy

But what did our team make of Scabby Queen?
Find out at around 7’05 minutes in to August’s podcast.

Scabby Queen on Fourth Estate

The smallVOICE team encourages you to buy books from your friendly local independent book shop if you can! For Scabby Queen, Holly also recommends the audiobook narrated by Cathleen McCarron.

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