Media Review – Thought for the Day

For our Media Review this  month, our team have a think about Thoughts! The Thoughts For The Day that still exist on various radio stations, to be precise. Some are known as Pause For Thought, or God Slots, or (as Darren unkindly says) ‘Let Me Tell You About My Friend Jimmy but Really I Mean Jesus’.

Listen to what the smallVOICE team makes of this particular genre at around 3’34 minutes in to the podcast.


We feature a selection of short extracts taken from recent weeks – output from BBC Radio 2 (Kate Bottley), Radio 4 (Mona Siddiqui) and BBC Radio Scotland (Anna Magnusson). You can listen to the full Thoughts if you follow these links:

R2 Pause for Thought 15 Feb 2019: Rev Kate Bottley

R4 Thought for the Day 7 March 2019: Prof Mona Siddiqui

Radio Scotland Thought for the Day 6 March 2019: Anna Magnusson

Oh, and although not mentioned in the podcast, we like this short article by Huw Spanner:


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