Moral Mixdown – COP26

We recorded this episode of the podcast on 4 November 2021, while the COP26 climate change conference was taking place in Glasgow. So, obviously, that informs our ethical debate this month! We ask whether media reporting of climate change should become more invested and committed – i.e., “forget about ‘balance’, it’s the end of the world!”

Listen to what the smallVOICE team thinks at 53’41 minutes into November’s podcast.

As recommended by Anne, during the discussion:
Television Drama, The Trick, is available on BBC i-player
Radio programme, More or Less, is available on BBC Radio 4 and BBC Sounds
Podcast, How they made us Doubt Everything, also available on BBC Sounds

And, finally, a prayer for COP26:

To our God
who made and can move mountains,
who created people and can touch their hearts and minds,
who declared that the world was very good and can make it to be so again,
who has the world in his hands,
be praise and glory.

We lift before you the COP climate talks and the future of the planet.
We are sorry for the damage that has been done,
but we come before you knowing that you are a God of mercy and miracles.
We pray for the world leaders gathering in Glasgow,
that they would do what is right and fair.
May the common desire to protect the world enable good conversations, positive actions and bring about unity.

We pray for those joining from countries on the frontline of climate change
who are experiencing the worst impacts, having contributed the least.
We pray that their voices would carry weight and power,
and that you, God, would protect their place at the negotiating table.

Lord, would you help us in the UK to host with humility, compassion, and generosity.

You are a God for whom nothing is impossible or too late.
In the face of this climate crisis, we hold on to the hope found in you.
Hear the cries of your people, O God.


Ruth Valerio / Tearfund

Photo: Hillhead Baptist Church‘s COP26 banner panel

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