Moral Mixdown – Hate Crime & Free Speech

Our Moral Mixdown ethical discussion for August considers how new hate crime laws being proposed by the Scottish Government have brought together Bishops, Humanists, writers and comedians who have all expressed their worries. The Scottish Government says it is seeking to introduce new legislation to give greater protection for victims of hate crime and that the Hate Crime Bill seeks to modernise, consolidate and extend existing hate crime law. But does it still need to be tweaked a bit to protect freedom of speech? Does it mean that that Bible or Qur’an on your shelf is inflammatory material?

Listen to the discussion at around 42’47 in to August’s podcast. Just what IS the most offensive thing on our team’s bookshelves? 

Official Scottish Government information about the hate crime bill

Some news stories about this topic:

Bishops fear owning a Bible could be hate crime offence under new Scots law

Aberdeen bishop says draft hate crime laws need ‘close scrutiny and debate’

Author Val McDermid says hate crime bill threatens free speech


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