Music Guest – Chris Amer

Great to welcome young guitarist and composer Chris Amer back in to the smallVOICE studios and to hear his unique, specially made-to-measure guitar!

Listen to Chris chat with Darren and play some music at 14’22 minutes and then 41’38 minutes in to the podcast. Beautiful versions of Scottish folk tunes.

We also highly recommend Chris’ new CD! More information on his website here:

“Chris was born and raised in Edinburgh, and developed a keen interest in music whilst in high school. Throughout his teenage years he studied with renowned Edinburgh guitarist, Kevin Mackenzie, and moved to Glasgow in 2012 after gaining a place on the prestigious Jazz program at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. As well as Jazz, Chris is equally at home playing traditional Scottish music; He personifies, in his playing, the ever blurring lines between the genres.”

Photo credit: Photography78

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