Music Guests – Iona Fyfe & Aidan Moodie

We had a terrific smallVOICE session at the Wild Olive Tree Cafe at the end of August – it featured the very talented Iona Fyfe (MG ALBA Scots Singer of the Year 2018) and the also-very-excellent Aidan Moodie on guitar. It was a fantastic night, full of great music, little lights and lovely scones.

Here are a couple of songs recorded that night  – first up is well-known Bothy Ballad ‘Guise o Tough’ which you can hear at 6’24 minutes in to the podcast. That’s followed by a great version of the Shaker hymn ‘Lay Me Low’. Listen at around 19’04.

Iona & Aidan – sound checking at the Wild Olive Tree Cafe

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