Music Guest – Kris Drever

We’re so excited to share two tracks from Kris Drever’s latest album! Kris needs no introduction – an award-winning performer and composer, who is now as well known as a solo artist as for his collaborations over the years with so many folk music alumni and, of course, for the fantastic band Lau.

First up is ‘Hunker Down – That Old Blitz Spirit’, which Kris wrote during coronavirus lockdown earlier this year, and you can listen to that at around 28’47 minutes in to November’s podcast. Our second featured song is the title track from the album, called ‘Where the World is Thin’. Listen at around 56’05.

Keep up-to-date with Kris’s music on his website and Facebook Page

Kris Drever photos copyright Genevieve Stevenson.

Thanks to Kris and to Reveal Records for permission to feature these tracks in the podcast.


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