Music Guest: Steve Butler

Steve2Steve Butler returns to our June podcast with two cracking songs and a delightful line in laid-back banter. Just great.

All this, and he MADE HIS OWN GUITAR.

After listening to the podcast, you can listen to more of Steve’s music on Bandcamp here:    Steve3


SScreen Shot 2015-06-05 at 21.58.28teve is Director of the popular Solas Festival, an annual Christian arts festival that features music, literature and spoken word; visual art and crafts; film and theatre; talks and debates.


Brought up and schooled in Glasgow, Steve went to Edinburgh University to study Psychology. He then became a graduate trainee Chartered Surveyor before training for ordination at Trinity College, Bristol in the mid-1980s. After completing his training, Steve embarked on a 10-year career in music – as a performer, recording producer and publisher. He was ordained as a priest in the Scottish Episcopal Church in Edinburgh in 1997.


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