Music Guest – Yvonne Lyon

This month, we feature Scottish singer/songwriter, Yvonne Lyon. We had hoped that Yvonne would be able to do a live smallVOICE session for us this year at the Wild Olive Tree Cafe, but coronavirus (damn your boots!) has seen to that. However, we’re delighted to have a couple of album tracks from Yvonne in our October podcast.

In fact, the first song we play is suitable for the time of year – October Day Therapy, and you can listen at around 23’14 minutes in to the podcast. The second track is Yvonne’s latest single – Insignificant as Stars from a new album that Yvonne has been working hard on during the summer. Listen at 48’10 minutes in to the podcast.

Yvonne’s next album is called Growing Wild and is due for release in November 2020. Keep up with that and other news from Yvonne on Facebook, Twitter or on her website.

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