Music Guests: davesnewbike

davesnewbikeWe had been trying to get the rather good davesnewbike (rootsy pop for grown-ups, don’t you know?) in to record a couple of tunes for us for AGES and now they’re here!

Lead singer and main songwriter, Tom Houston, had been a smallVOICE guest in February’s podcast, and this time he brought the rest of the boys: guitarist Kris Jozajtis, Sam Wilson on bass and Simon Jaquet on percussion.

For September’s podcast they squeezed all their gear into our studios and performed two great tunes: ‘First Kiss’ (at 14’23 in to the podcast) and ‘Devils We Are’ (at 44’58).

dnb have an impressively full and comprehensive online presence:

WanderlustAnd a new CD! 



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