Music Guests – Margaret McLarty & Jane Bentley

Margaret McLarty and Jane Bentley are two-thirds of the folk band Hinba, and Margaret has a solo venture out soon – a CD! – which she tells us about in our January 2017 podcast. It was great to have them both playing live for us in the studio – and some quality chat too! Both songs are written by Margaret and the first one, ‘Lullaby’, has a fantastic haunting quality – listen from 15’37 minutes in to the podcast. Equally good is ‘Long Time’ which you can hear at around 39’55 minutes. Margaret is on guitar and Jane plays chimes and bodhran.

Visit Margaret’s website for updates about her CD:

Visit Hinba’s Facebook Page:
“Formed by a chance meeting on Iona, Hinba is a Glasgow based folky-acoustic trio. We play stuff we like and that we’ve written… We have guitars, piano, muchos percussion, flute, uke, piano, sax, accordion and various effects in the mix.”

There is a profile of Margaret on the Ficshy Music website:

Jane has also been Anne’s guest for our ‘Thousand Words’ feature where she talks about her drumming. Listen to that in last October’s podcast.

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