Music Guests – The Jellyman’s Daughter

Our music guests for June are fantastic Edinburgh-based duo, The Jellyman’s Daughter. Band members Emily Kelly and Graham Coe were in Australia on tour when Coronvavirus broke out and had to head back to Scotland with all remaining dates cancelled. Their tour of the States later this year also went the same way. However, they picked themselves up and we’re delighted to have them on the smallVOICE podcast again!

Their first song for us is I Won’t Be Going Anywhere, a song they wrote specially during lockdown. Emily and Graham said “The world feels scary and sad right now and we needed to write about the opposite and fill it, if even just for a few minutes, with some love and gratitude”. Listen at around 23’00 minutes in to the podcast. Their second song is the title track from their fab EP – Wake Up Call. Listen at 45’05.

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Scottish duo The Jellyman’s Daughter lands squarely in the middle of a crossroads between bluegrass, post-rock, folk and soul, managing at the same time to sound not a whole lot like any of those genres. Featuring intimate vocal harmonies, cello, guitar and mandolin, Emily Kelly and Graham Coe always write their songs together, each bringing just the right balance differences and common ground to create something new.

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