small voice of the month – cardboard box beds

We continue our feature – ‘small voice of the month’ – our search for people or organisations who have a small voice but make a big difference.

Box bedThis month’s small voice is a great story – it would be of particular interest to people who are affected by earthquakes or other disasters – and those who deal with the aftermath.

In Japan, where of course there was a devastating earthquake in April this year, the company J Pack provides cardboard box beds, for emergency use, made out of 24 boxes which also provide storage. It gets you off the ground, which is a big plus in avoiding aches and pains and permitting a reasonably good sleep for the weeks and months it may take to have a home again. It’s strong enough for lying on and the publicity pictures show 20 people standing on this simple bed. Add another piece round three sides and you have a private space – which is important if you’re in a shelter with hundreds of other people.

Listen to what our smallVOICE team thinks at 39’41 minutes into May’s podcast.

Full story from Rocket News

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