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Launched in March, the Compassionate Inverclyde Programme aims to help individuals and communities to help and support each other at times of increased health need, at end of life and in bereavement, recognising the importance of families, friends and communities working alongside formal services. One way this is achieved is through the No-one Dies Alone (NODA) programme…NODA is an all-volunteer, grassroots program which provides support to those in their last hours of life who do not have family or friends available to be with them at this time. NODA originated in the USA, when an American nurse Sandra Clarke failed to be with a patient who had asked her to be with him when he died. Sandra got caught up with other duties and when she returned to the patient’s room he had died. This troubled her for many years and she went onto develop the No-one Dies Alone programme.

Alison Bunce is the Programme Lead for Compassionate Inverclyde and she came in to the smallVOICE studios this month to tell us about the No one Dies Alone Programme. Listen to our feature at 32’42 minutes in to the podcast. We will also publish the full interview with Alison as a Podcast Extra, so watch out for that soon.

The No One Dies Alone programme pilot started In Inverclyde Royal Hospital in September. It is the first hospital in Scotland to have this programme.

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