small voice of the month – Felixstowe Community Nature Reserve

Our small voice of the month for July is Felixstowe’s Community Nature Reserve and smallVOICE roving reporter Margaret has been speaking to its founder, Dr Adrian Cooper. This grassroots ‘nature reserve’ is made of of gardens, window boxes and other small green spaces and the organisation now has over 1600 members and has been a model for similar groups in Britain and beyond. They encourage local gardeners, window box owners and allotment owners to allocate at least three square yards of their land for wildlife-friendly plants, ponds, nesting boxes and insect lodges.

Listen to Margaret’s interview with Adrian Cooper at around 28’23 minutes in to the podcast.

And you can find out more at

And …. another small voice extra – G20

Listener Chiara Berardelli got in touch via Facebook to tell us about a group called G20 Youth Festival that make and deliver meals and essential goods to folk in need in the Maryhill area of Glasgow. They’ve been very busy during lockdown as you can imagine. Chiara is a musician and has done a FB live gig to try and raise money for G20’s Crowdfunder for their ongoing work – perhaps more of that in a later podcast! Visit their website here:

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