small voice of the month – Mairi Holden & her parking ticket

This month’s story of a small voice that’s made a big difference is from Scotland. It’s about a kindness and a repaying of that kindness, and you can hear what the smallVOICE team makes of it at about 37’22 minutes into our March podcast.

Mairi Holden’s Just Giving page:JustGivingPage

On her page Mairi says:
“A very kind stranger put £25 under my parking ticket after I parked on a single yellow line outside The Sick Kids Hospital Edinburgh. I had to get Oscar in as soon as I could, and ended up having an overnight stay. I am starting by doubling the money I received and putting it back into the hospital. I would like to see how one person’s kindness can have a huge impact on the world so many other people’s lives.”

You can also read the story in the Edinburgh local press here


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