small voice of the month – Paige Hunter

Our ‘small voice of the month’ this month is Paige Hunter from Sunderland in the North of England. This is our celebration of people or organisations who have a small voice but make a big difference.

Paige came to the attention of the media because she has been attaching little notes to the Wearmouth Bridge, a location which has sadly seen suicides. The notes have messages like “Step Back, You’re worth it”, “this isn’t how it ends” “Asking for help isn’t weakness”. Northumbria police have recognised Paige’s contribution to helping young people with mental health problems and gave her a special commendation.

Listen to the feature at around  34’44  minutes in to the December podcast

Read more about Paige here

Paige Hunter received a commendation certificate from Northumbria Police Chief Superintendent Sarah Pitt

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