small voice of the month – Responding to Coronavirus

For this feature, we highlight the work of people or organisations who have a small voice but who are making a big difference. This month, Margaret has recorded a special roundup of some previous contributors to see what they have been doing during this time of coronavirus. And it’s inspiring stuff!

Listen at 31’00 minutes in to the podcast

Jim Estill
We saw how he supported Syrian refugees coming to Canada – his company is now starting to make ventilators, which will help Covid-19 patients, modifying assembly lines and creating a prototype. Visit

Proof Bakery
We featured this bakery set up to train refugees and asylum seekers to bake bread while learning English and other skills. They are stepping up to supply people with wonderful bakes despite these difficult times. Visit

Compassionate Invercyde
They have turned their hand along with some other local community groups to providing self isolation boxes for people who are particularly vulnerable and they have also been appealing for nightwear for people being admitted to hospital. Visit

Remember that we’d love to hear your suggestions for people or organisations to feature – contact us via our website here or on twitter, @small_VOICE1.

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