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Every month we celebrate a person or organisation that’s making a big difference in the world but without necessarily making a big hullabaloo about it. (Hullabaloo – what a great word.) We like to find out more about all these ‘small voices’ and for our October podcast, we highlight the vital work of the Vine Trust.

Find out more in the podcast from around 21’15 minutes, which also features a short interview with Neil Graham, a trustee for the Vine Trust.


“[We are] an international interdenominational volunteering charity which seeks to enable volunteers to make a real and significant difference to some of the poorest children and communities in the world. We welcome people from all backgrounds who share our ethos of caring and our belief that whilst we can’t help everyone we can all help someone. As a Trust, we welcome people of faith and no faith, and invite them to become ambassadors for the poor as we deliver humanitarian projects which are made available to all, regardless of creed, race or orientation.

“Healthcare, children and education have been key priorities as we build the capacity of our local partners to meet local needs. Since 2001 our Peru Medical Programme has provided a healthcare service for over 100,000 patients annually, with further expansion planned. In 2015 we established a medical project in Tanzania, replicating the model of our Peru Programme on Lake Victoria. To date we have built eight childrens homes in Peru and continue to send out school teams to support the work of our partners in Peru. In 2011 our children’s work entered a new era with our work building childrens centres and family homes in Tanzania. So far we have built three children’s centres and over 55 family homes.”

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