small voice of the month – The Wild Olive Tree Cafe

Every month we celebrate a person or organisation that’s making a big difference but without necessarily making a big noise about it. The Wild Olive Tree Cafe in Glasgow runs as a social enterprise; it has acquired a reputation for its soup and its scones, but it has much more to offer than food. The café is located in a church – St George’s Tron Church of Scotland in the city centre; it partners with agencies which care for people in need; homeless, refugees, people on the margins; it invites customers to donate a coffee or a plate of soup to someone who can’t afford it, and offers training and volunteering opportunities.

Find out more at 33’53 in to January’s podcast.

And look out soon on this website for Margaret’s podcast extra of her fullconversation with cafe manager Beth Duncan.

At The Wild Olive Tree we want to make a difference and so we have partnered with Glasgow City Mission and Bethany Christian Trust to create training placements to help people who want to develop skills as a way into work. All profits from The Wild Olive Tree are shared between Glasgow City Mission and Bethany Christian Trust, to support their ongoing work with some of Glasgow’s most vulnerable people.


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