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We continue to celebrate people or organisations who have a small voice but make a big difference… Everyone dreams of backpacking across Europe, but how many of us have actually considered being the backpack? ‘We Carry Kevan’ came out of  a mad idea to carry Kevan Chandler, who has spinal muscular atrophy, all the way. And what might have seemed impossible came to pass because a bunch of guys did something crazy. This wasn’t a new drug or treatment, it was the power of friendship.

Find out more in our October podcast from around 29’40 minutes.

There are now plans for a new, innovative backpack designed specifically for carrying disabled individuals. The ‘We Carry Kevan’ project says, “It is fashioned after the modified pack used by the team to travel Europe, and will be available to the public soon. Training will be provided for Care Teams invested in carrying disabled folks, to ensure the safest and most effective experience possible. We Carry Kevan will also aid in collaborative adventures, developing a global network of able-bodied and disabled people who may work together to fulfil one another’s dreams.”

We Carry Kevan website 

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