smallVOICE podcast – December 2018

Welcome to our December podcast, full of goodies to brighten a dark winter day. We have Bishop Anne Dyer telling us about her picture that is worth a Thousand Words; the inspiring Paige Hunter is our ‘small voice of the month’; our team reviews Factfulness by legendary stats-man Hans Rosing; and we have music courtesy of our back catalogue from Hannah Rarity and Ellyn Oliver – both of whom are doing special concerts for us in January! We could not be more excited.

As Darren says in the podcast, this is our first full(ish)-length, ‘full panda’ podcast and was recorded ‘as live’ at St George’s Tron in Glasgow, where we hope to bring you some more live podcasts next year. We are still finessing the technical set up at the new location, and dealing with noises off from a busy city-centre location (bin lorries ahoy!), so we give this podcast a soundscape grade of about B- ….. It’s interesting.

Thank you for your attention, and all good wishes for a joyful & peaceful Christmas when it comes from the smallVOICE team. See you in 2019!

Presented by Darren, Anne, Holly and Margaret, this podcast was recorded on Thursday 6 December 2018. Duration 42’44.

Also available on Soundcloud, iTunes, TuneIn Radio and from all the usual podcast Apps.

Theme music and stings by Nicolai Heidlas.

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