smallVOICE podcast – Feb/March 2014

In a timey-wimey move, we’ve gone all Feb/March: still monthly, but looking forwards rather than back. All cleared up? Good. So, in a rather excellent podcast, we have  ‘A Thousand Words’ contributed by Sheena Orr who works in prisons in Kenya| Music is not in the studio this month, but recorded specially for us by Shapenote Scotland| We have a Fair trade tea shop sketch | Our Media Review boldly looks at the spiritual implications of, er, The Lego Movie | The Moral Mixdown discusses the ethics of imprisoning people for the whole of their lives | And our new regular item, Shelf Life, sees Anne praising the honesty of writer and journalist  Fidelma Cook.  That’s all. Move along now.

Presented by Darren, Anne & Margaret. With minions.

Recorded on Thursday 28 February 2014. Length: 1 hour 1 minute and 10 seconds.

Music courtesy of Kevin MacLeod

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