smallVOICE podcast – June 2016

PLAYiconIt’s June and we bring you intelligent Christian broadcasting (TM) in a handy podcast. This month we welcome our youngest ever guest for our Thousand Words feature, Rachael Fraser, and she shares a very recent photo; we review The Divide, a new documentary film about poverty and inequality in the US and UK; in the ethical debate that is the Moral Mixdown, we discuss the morality of the use and abuse of statistics; we celebrate our latest ‘small voice of the month’, someone with a small voice that makes a big difference; and, last and by no means least, we have two great tracks from singer-songwriter David Heavenor.

Darren, Anne and Margaret are in the studio chewing the fat, getting to the heart of things and generally putting the world to rights. We take no further responsibility.

Recorded on Thursday 2 June 2016.  Length: 62 minutes 23 seconds.

Music courtesy of Kevin MacLeod

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