smallVOICE podcast June 2018

June’s podcast is busting out all over …. This month, as we embark upon our quest to bring you the best in matters moral, ethical and spiritual, we review Richard Holloway’s latest book, Waiting for the Last Bus, which is all about death; newly-appointed Bishop of Brechin Andrew Swift is our studio guest for A Thousand Words; we’re delighted to be able to bring you a sneak preview of two tracks from long-time friend of the show Tom Houston’s new album; and our ‘small voice of the month’ features ethical bikers! Meanwhile in our Moral Mixdown, we’ll be discussing whether there is a moral imperative to become vegan.

Presented by the full and fit smallVOICE team of Darren, Anne,  Holly and Margaret. The podcast was recorded on Thursday 7 June 2018. Duration: 58’31

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