smallVOICE podcast – May 2015

PLAYiconIt’s great to have Holly join our studio team this month – lots of good things go into our podcast, you know | Anne speaks to Rev Dave Tomlinson about his picture that is worth A Thousand Words | Live music in the studio comes from Brian McGlynn, along with some very special guests | Who are the Lost Boys of Sudan? The team reviews Philippe Falardeau’s film The Good Lie which stars Reese Witherspoon | Holly pitches for the ‘Shelf Life’ of Anne Lamott’s book, Traveling Mercies | And, in the Moral Mixdown, the team salutes the people who turned up to attend the funeral recently of an abandoned and unknown baby.

Recorded on the day of the UK General Election; early exit polls suggest it’s rather good (the podcast).

Darren, Anne and Holly – sitting in for Margaret – are in the studio with particularly witty and insightful chat; the rest of us just keep pressing those buttons.

Recorded on Thursday 7 May 2015. Length: 59 mins 46 secs.

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