smallVOICE – September 2019

It’s September, autumn is officially here, and we’re bringing you all our regular features including A Thousand words which, this month, features Stephen Fischbacher; we review The Salt Path, the award-winning memoir by Raynor Winn; there’s music from the lovely people at Fischy Music; and, in yet another world exclusive, we be bring you the latest single from The Ayoub Sisters. Oh, and of course, the ethical bun fight that is our Moral Mixdown which considers the unlikely collaboration between the Samaritans and a betting company.

Putting their money where their mouths are is the smallVOICE presenting team of Darren, Anne and Holly.

Recorded on Thursday 12 September 2019. Duration: 51:23

Theme music and strings by Nicolai Heidlas

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