A Thousand Words – Dave Tomlinson

This month we raided the smallVOICE vaults and selected an interview we did with the fabulous Dave Tomlinson. Dave describes himself as a writer, a speaker, a passionate seeker after truth and wisdom, and an avid explorer of theology, spirituality and life in general. Dave ‘retired’ almost two years ago now, but at the time of this interview, he was the vicar of St Luke’s Anglican Church in Holloway, north London, which he described as a glorious mishmash community of north London urbanites, sharing friendship, and groping after God.

The image Dave chose to talk about is called ‘Emmaus’ and is by Emmanuel Garibay. You can see it in the context of its exhibition. ‘Jesus Laughing and Loving’ on the website of the Major Issues and Theology Foundation
Listen at 21’17 minutes in to the podcast


Dave Tomlinson is an old friend of this podcast: we reviewed his book, The Bad Christian’s Manifesto, back in October 2014, and Darren interviewed him in front of a live audience at the Aye Write book festival in Glasgow in 2015  – those of a nostalgic bent can see some pics below!


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