A Thousand Words – Isabel Smyth

Isabel Smyth is a Sister of Notre Dame, with long experience in the area of interfaith relations. She has served on a variety of inter faith bodies including the Churches Agency for Inter Faith Relations in Scotland, and the UK Churches Commission for Inter Faith Relations. Isabel is an honorary lecturer in the Centre for Inter-Faith Studies at Glasgow University, having co-taught the Master’s Degree in Inter Faith Relations since its inception.

The photo above is Isabel’s picture that’s worth a thousand words that she chose to speak to Anne about. You can hear what she had to say at 21’43 minutes in to November’s podcast. 

As mentioned in the podcast, here are some useful links for more information:

Isabel’s blog    www.interfaithjourneys.net

Scottish Interfaith Organisations

Interfaith Scotland http://www.interfaithscotland.org/

The Churches Agency for Interfaith Relations in Scotland: www.acts-scotland.org

Catholic Committee for Interreligious Dialogue: www.interreligiousdialogue.weebly.com

UK-wide Interfaith Organisations

The Inter Faith Network for the UK: www.interfaith.org.uk

St Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace: www.stethelburgas.org

Interreligious ENcounter Information Consultancy: www.irenic.org.uk

Initiatives of Change (UK): www.uk.iofc.org

International  Organisations

Parliament of the World Religions: www.parliamentofreligions.org

Religions for Peace: www.religionsforpeace.org

The World Congress of Faiths (WCF): www.worldfaiths.org

United Religions Initiative (URI): www.uri.org

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