A Thousand Words – Jill Brown

The Scream (1893), oil, tempera and pastel on cardboard. National Gallery of Norway.

Our latest guest to share their thoughts about an image that means a lot to them is Jill Brown. Jill is a musician who used to be part of the team who now produce this podcast! We also featured her catchy single Neverending Love last November. If you heard that episode of smallVOICE, you may remember that Jill’s work as a musician has taken her to Scottish prisons and she runs a record label specifically for ex-offenders.

Anne caught up with Jill to ask her more about that work and also about the, perhaps surprising, image that she’d chosen to talk about. Listen at around 28’34 minutes in to April’s podcast.

Image used via Wikimedia Commons.

You can also view the painting on Oslo’s Munch Museum website

Jill Brown’s website
Jill on Facebook

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