A Thousand Words: Linda Todd

Linda Todd  is our guest for August’s A Thousand Words and the picture she wanted to talk to Anne about is below. Listen to their conversation in the podcast here.

Rembrandt-The return of the prodigal son

Linda Todd is Country Leader and CEO of the Leprosy Mission Scotland, a charity that raises money to care for people affected by leprosy and to raise awareness of the disease. Many people in the West seem to think that leprosy has been eradicated but that’s far from the case. In fact, the latest statistics from India reveal that in 14 states there has been an increase in fresh cases reported. Anne says, “Given all that, my assumption was that Linda would choose to speak about a photo of someone affected by leprosy, but instead she chose a painting by one of the Old Masters.”

Original painting © State Hermitage Museum. All rights reserved.  Image public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

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