A Thousand Words, Nov 2013


This month’s photo and contribution are from May Nicholson.

Listen to the podcast for May’s story.

The photo of May’s baby (left) was taken in 1972.



And here is the other photo that May mentions in her story, of her 2nd child, taken in 1982:










The Preshal Trust information from their website:
“Preshal – the Gaelic for precious is a recognised Christian charity. In a friendly, caring, loving and supportive way Preshal seeks to tackle, head-on, the problem of social exclusion in the Linthouse area of Glasgow. This problem is manifested in poverty, alcohol and drug addiction, low literacy and numeracy levels, depression and low self-esteem. The Trust, working with other agencies, provides a wide range of social, recreational and educational activities which enable these issues to be dealt with effectively. We adopt an holistic approach whereby we seek to cater for the whole person, including meeting individual physical, mental and – as a Christian rooted organisation – spiritual needs.”

May also has a blog.


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