God at the Fringe!

As promised in August’s podcast, here are some interesting things to follow up at this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe should you have the opportunity!

  1. Darkness Falls – John’s Gospel: Saltmine Theatre Company at Palmerston Place Church. August 19 -22
  2. God’s Smuggler: New Scottish Arts at Buccleuch Free Church. August 18 – 22. An exciting new play about Brother Andrew who risked everything to smuggle bibles into eastern Europe.
  3. God’s Waiting Room: Z Theatre Company at the space @Surgeons Hall. August 10 – 20. A man with dark secrets meets an untimely end and is forced to meet his maker and his nemesis, the devil
  4. The Gospel According to Jesus, Queen of Heaven: Queen Jesus Plays at Summerhall.  August 5 – 30. A humane, mischievious and loving show in which bread is shared, wine is drunk, and familiar stories are re-imagined by a transgender Jesus.
  5. The Gospel Inquiry: Sandy Nelson at The Assembly Rooms. August 7 – 16. As the inquiry into journalistic standards continues, four men testify – Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, Well, they were the journalists of their time and what journalist is not prone to puffing up the truth – or just lying?
  6. Out of Darkness: Taylor Theatre Touring Company at Buccleuch Free Church. August 18 – 22. How do you cope when you’re at your wit’s end? Is there hope in darkness? Explore ancient paradigms of spiritual deliverance borrowed from biblical poetry, alongside your stories of coping. Free, improvised and interactive.
  7. The Pilgrim’s Progress: Searchlight Theatre Company at Edinburgh Elim Church. August 18 – 21. A new adaptation of the Bunyan classic set in the chaos of the Second World War.
  8. Talking with Angels – Budapest 1943: Duse Studio Productions at Summerhall.  August Aug 8 – 30. The miraculous true story of four friends and their inspirational conversations with otherworldly beings during a time of great peril. Life-changing.
  9. The trials of Galileo: Icarus Productions at New Town Theatre. August 6 – 30. Galileo’s tragedy – belief that if he supplied the church with proof, he would enlighten while escaping persecution. He understood the science better than any man alive, but never grasped the politics.
  10. Woodbine Willie: Searchlight Theatre Company at Palmerston Place Church. August 25 – 29. A Heartwarming tribute to the World War I chaplain. Brilliant poetry and live music is a bonus.


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