Media Review: Acts of the Assassins

Synaxis_of_the_Twelve_Apostles_by_Constantinople_master_(early_14th_c.,_Pushkin_museum)There’s been a murder, and the body is missing…. The smallVOICE team tackle Richard Beard’s post-Easter police procedural novel, an example – no less – of ‘quantum fiction’. You can hear the verdict at around 6.20 minutes in to our April podcast.

Richard Beard is the author of six novels, including X20, Damascus (a New York Times Notable Book), The Cartoonist, Dry Bones and Lazarus is Dead, (#5 on Kirkus Reviews Best Fiction of 2012 – ‘nothing less than astonishing’). His most recent novel is Acts of the Assassins (Harvill Secker 2015), described by Philip Hensher in the Guardian as ‘the gloriously futile project of telling the story of Jesus’s death and resurrection, and the subsequent martyrdom of all the disciples, one by one, in the manner of a police procedural.’ The novel is ‘confident and enchanting’, as well as ‘extraordinarily funny.’

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