Media Review – Breaking Eggs

This month we have been experimenting in the kitchen with the new audio cookbook Breaking Eggs by Ruby Tandoh. Its unique selling point is that it is purely audio (although a pdf of recipe ingredients is included) and presented in real time. This intriguing concept led our intrepid team to give it a go AND to record their own real-time audio experience.

What will happen when the oven doors are opened? Is this new concept actually the best thing since sliced bread? Find out by listening to our review of Ruby’s book at around 5’29 minutes in to the podcast.

Breaking Eggs: An Audio Guide to Baking by Ruby Tandoh

Ruby Tandoh website

It’s an immersive baking audio guide – a collection of four real time, step-by-step recipes for anyone who wants to start baking but needs the support of a friend (me!) right there with you in the kitchen.


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