Media Review – Lockdown recommendations

What has been keeping our team sane during coronavirus lockdown? What can they recommend to you dear listener…? It’s a mixed bag!

Listen at 4’33 minutes in to the podcast

Anne has been cheered by Eurovision, despite its cancellation this year, and in particular the strange and wonderful Icelandic entry’s official video, ‘Think About Things’ by Daði og Gagnamagnið (Data Plan). Can we say, ‘neo disco’?
Watch it here:

Darren’s soul is consoled by cooking and baking and he has kind words for Jamie Oliver; the new Daily Kitchen series and Jack Monroe; but most especially the recipes and writings of Rachel Roddy. See her books Five Quarters (aka My Kitchen in Rome), Two Kitchens, or read her wonderful articles and recipes in The Guardian:

Holly has loved and been uplifted by Folk on Foot‘s Front Room Festival. Have a look – it’s great! Visit:

Help Musicians UK 

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