Media Review – The Allegations

TheAllegationsThis month we review The Allegations, a novel by Mark Lawson, published in July 2016. Mark Lawson is a well-known broadcaster – regular presenter of the Late Review on BBC2, as well as documentaries and interviews on BBC4.

This new novel looks at what his main character calls the “Age of Accusation”. At the heart of the novel are two friends: Ned, a TV historian who finds himself accused of historical sexual abuse, and Tom, a history lecturer who is accused of bullying behaviour by his university.

This is clearly subject matter with a personal resonance, as Mark Lawson himself faced allegations of bullying during his time presenting the BBC Radio 4 programme Front Row. Find out what the smallVOICE team made of the novel at 3’07 minutes in to August’s podcast.


Photo of Mark Lawson copyright BBC 


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