Media Review: The Bad Christian’s Manifesto

BadChristianManifesto2The team review The Bad Christian’s Manifesto! Have a listen to see what the verdict was in our October podcast. (Review from around 10.00.)

The blurb on the book is:

The Bad Christian’s Manifesto: Reinventing God (and Other Modest Proposals) By Dave Tomlinson
(Hodder & Stoughton)

Welcome to the bad Christian’s manifesto, an argument for

· keeping faith with scepticism

· making a virtue of pleasure

· & finding heaven in the ordinary things of life

Dave Tomlinson, author of How to be a bad Christian, thinks that a lot of our overly religious, formal ideas of God need to be reinvented – and a lot of our spirituality, too. What does it look like to live well and die happy – from an unapologetically generous Christian point of view? Join Dave as he considers virtues, vices, friendship, morality, mortality – and how to make a sacrament of anything from cigars to chocolate. This book will change the way you think about God – and the way you live your life.

And there’s lots more Bad Christian stuff on Dave’s blog at

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