Music for our 100th podcast

Indulge us for our 100th podcast, as the smallVOICE team of Darren, Anne & Holly pick some of their favourite music tracks from our last 99 podcasts. We have to say we have been richly blessed by musical talent for our podcast, and long may it continue!

First up is ‘Ae Fond Kiss’ – sung by Hannah Rarity with guitar accompaniment by Calum Morrison, Anne’s choice for our 100th podcast. It’s from our live smallVOICE session at the Wild Olive Cafe back in January 2019.
Listen at 5’44 minutes into May’s podcast.

BTW, Hannah has a fantastic new album out very soon so watch out for that. Visit Hannah’s website for details!

Darren’s choice is the fabulously upbeat ‘Beautiful Soul’ by Brian McGlynn with guests Ciaran McGlynn and Katy Meehan, recorded live in the smallVOICE studios in May 2015. Listen at 27’53 minutes into May’s podcast.

Holly picks the equally upbeat ‘Sunny Side of Life’ performed the Mairs Family Band live at smallVOICE Towers in April 2017. Listen at 59’46 minutes into May’s podcast.
The great news is that the Mairs Family Band have been starting to gig again – and also popping up on the radio! Keep up with all their news on Facebook.


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