Music Guest – Hannah Rarity

Hannah Rarity came into the smallVOICE studio back in July 2016 with a few friends, ahead of the release of her very first EP which was called ‘Beginnings’. Fast forward almost two years, and Hannah has just won the much-coveted title of BBC Radio Scotland Young Traditional Musician of the Year 2018. Hannah has kindly given us permission to play a couple of tracks from her EP for February’s podcast – and she will hopefully be coming in to showcase tracks off a new CD later this year!

The first song is called Stevenson’s, which you can hear at around 23’19 minutes in to February’s podcast; the second track is Anna’s Lullaby (listen at 43’42) and both are written by Hannah.

As well as Hannah on vocals, you’ll hear Innes White on guitar, Sally Simpson on viola, and Conal McDonagh on whistle.


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