Music Guest – Mairi Campbell

So excited to have an interview with Mairi Campbell and some live music on the podcast for March. Mairi is a prolific figure in Scottish music and the recipient of no less than six Scots Trad Music Awards, including the Inspiration Award in 2018. She is a viola player, singer and songwriter whose music has a rooted and powerful quality.

Mairi has a new album out at the end of March called ‘Storm’ and we’re delighted to feature two tracks from it. The first song featured is called ‘Paddle in my Water’ and Mairi sang this for us live via Zoom. Listen to Darren’s extended chat with Mairi and the song at 27’40 minutes in to March’s podcast. There is more chat with Mairi and her new single ‘Pull Me Up’ at 52’09.

You can buy Mairi’s new album on Bandcamp here:

And you can find out much more about Mairi and her work on her website at


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