Music Guest – The Jellyman’s Daughter

SO PLEASED to present a couple of special Christmas tunes from Edinburgh-based acoustic duo, The Jellyman’s Daughter. They have a great Christmas album – enterprisingly called ‘Christmas’ – released December 2020.

The first tune we feature is their rather funky version of that seasonal stalwart, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen and you can hear that at around  23’00 minutes in to December’s podcast. We then have their own composition just called Christmas, which is lovely, poignant and hopeful and you can listen to that at 45’16 minutes.

The Jellyman’s Daughter are of course the talented Emily Kelly and Graham Coe and their video for Christmas was filmed on stage in ten empty Edinburgh venues, from the huge Edinburgh Playhouse to small venues like Henry’s Cellar Bar. They wanted to use the video to highlight the plight of live music venues which are still unable to reopen due to Covid-19 and to publicise the UK-wide ‘save our venues’ campaign.

Click here for more information about the Save Our Venues campaign organised by the Music Venue Trust.

The Jellyman’s Daughter on Facebook
The Jellyman’s Daughter Website


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