Music Guests – Amer//Hawksworth//Munro

Here are two fantastic tunes from the brand new EP by Amer//Hawksworth//Munro, a newly-established trio bringing three distinct musicians into a fresh collaboration. We will be inviting them in to the smallVOICE studio later in the year to play for us live, but it’s great to highlight their new EP in our February podcast.

The trio consists of old friend of our podcast Chris Amer on guitar, Catriona Hawksworth on piano and Rosie Muno on fiddle. Together, they say, they “craft original compositions that flow organically whilst affording the listener breathing space.” It’s a great sound!

Listen at 19’39 minutes in to the podcast for the tune ‘Jane and Gordon’s’ and at 44’11 for for ‘Home Skies’.

The blurb on their website says:
Individually, the group come from Scottish traditional music backgrounds, but here are influenced by more contemporary harmony and structure. The music is characterised throughout by a minimalist compositional style that utilises motifs, riffs and thematic development.

We just think it’s rather good!

The EP is available to buy from Bandcamp

​Chris Amer’s website  |   Amer//Hawksworth//Munro  |  The Trio’s Facebook Page 

Playing at Celtic Connections on Campus in January 2017


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