Music Guests – New Scottish Hymns Band

Our musical guests for November’s podcast are Ellyn Oliver and Greg de Blieck from the New Scottish Hymns Band, and it was lovely to have them here playing live in the studio. Two great tunes, the first being a version of Psalm 139 (listen at 14’00 minutes in to the podcast) and the second is ‘We Shall All be Changed’ which you can hear at around 39’53.

Oh and Greg took a selfie. Thus:


New Scottish Hymns began as an album project by the New Scottish Arts charity and the aim was to produce a recording that reflected a uniquely Scottish approach to modern hymn writing. Scotland has a great heritage of hymn writers who wrote powerful songs about God’s glory. They used poetic, honest language to express deep biblical truths, setting them to memorable folk melodies. New Scottish Hymns want to explore and develop that approach.

nsh-cdFind out more about them on their website which gives you access to all their other bits and bobs, including CDs, gigs and their You Tube channel.


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