Music Guests – Riko Suzuki + friends

rikosoundcloudThis month we do something a bit different and feature a composer – Riko Suzuki Kumagai. Riko is originally from Japan and now lives in Glasgow, Scotland. After studying art in Germany, she settled here in Britain, teaching and performing music and art. She started writing songs when she was just 12, but didn’t take composition seriously until recently. In summer 2016, Riko took composition course at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, and she is currently looking for a way of continuing studying composition.

It was great to have Riko record for us specially along with Seph (violin) and Pam (clarinet), and we also share pieces from Riko’s Sound Cloud account (

These are all audition pieces and we’re really excited about sharing such new music with you. Listen from 12’54 minutes in to our October podcast for ‘Woodlouse Waltz’ and ‘Autumn Wind’; and later in the programme you can hear ‘Wake’ [at 38’45  ].




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