Music Guests – The Ayoub Sisters

We’re delighted that the Ayoub Sisters – Sarah & Laura – got in touch with us to see if we would play their new single. We did not need to asked twice! The track is called ‘Storm’ and is their first self-composed single. We think it’s great – have a listen. It was released on Friday 17 April and it’s available to purchase online – check out their website for details. 

Listen at 17’03 minutes in to the podcast

“We wrote this piece during a difficult time; the stormy weather outside mirrored the uneasy storm inside. It was a turbulent period personally for us, and all those built up emotions made their way into this piece. One of the hottest days of the year unexpectedly plunged into an explosive thunderstorm, completely mimicking how we were feeling. Before we knew it, ‘Storm’ was born.”

The Ayoub Sisters have a patreon page if you would like to support them that way:

April’s podcast also features Sally Simpson! Listen at 35’57 minutes in to the podcast to the tunes she recorded specially for us during lockdown, and which we featured on this website last week here:

We will have lots of new music popping up on our Facebook Page and on Soundcloud for a special quarantine series – music from Paul Brown, Iona Fyfe, Margaret McLarty, the Daddy
Naggins (well, half of them) … and lots more to come. So listen and watch out – these folks are just fab. And if you enjoy their music, support them during these difficult times. Thanks!

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