Music Guests – The Ayoub Sisters

This month we have two fantastic tracks from the Ayoub Sisters new album Arabesque. The sisters are of course Sarah & Laura Ayoub, long-term friends of the podcast, and it’s their long-awaited second album. They have clearly taken their time to make the album that they wanted to do and it’s an incredible crossover of classical and traditional music from Scotland, North Africa, the Middle East and beyond.

Our first track is ‘Abdul Kader and Sidi Mansour, folk tunes from Algeria and Tunisia respectively in a fantastic new arrangement. Listen at 6’10 minutes in to September’s podcast. Later on we feature ‘Madad / Agios’ and is again two tunes in arrangement. Madad is an Islamic prayer and Agios is a chant featured in the Coptic Orthodox Liturgy. The sisiers wanted to show how well the two melodies work in harmony with each other. They’re not wrong! Listen at 37’50 minutes.

Oh, and we think Sarah and Laura were quite excited about their new album!

The Ayoub Sisters website

Photo above credit: Koree Films

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