Podcast Extra – Anne’s ‘Thousand Words’

This is the second podcast extra tribute to our friend and smallVOICE presenter Anne.

Our ‘Thousand Words’ strand has been running since the very start of the smallVOICE podcast in 2013. In each feature Anne talked to a person about an image that means a great deal to them, and asked them to describe both the image, and to explain why it matters so much. It was, of course, based on the idea that pictures are always ‘better on the radio’.

In April 2019, we turned the tables on Anne and asked her to talk about an image that meant a lot to her.

Darren introduces this special podcast extra which is another chance for you to hear what Anne had to say and the chat that Holly and Darren had with her about the image.

[Length: 10’29 minutes]

The painting is by the English artist Nicholas Mynheer.

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